Car Seat Program

Child Passenger Safety Certification Training 

The Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Certification Training program is managed by Safe Kids Worldwide, the certifying body. Safe Kids partners with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (curriculum provider), the National Child Passenger Safety Board (guidance), and State Farm (sponsor).

Requirements To Become a CPS Technician

To become a nationally certified CPS technician, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Complete a CPS Certification Course and pass:
  1. Three open-book written quizzes (84% minimum score)
  2. Three hands-on skills assessments (pass/fail)
  3. One checkup event (pass/fail)

What The Course Covers

  • Written quizzes: Test knowledge with three open-book quizzes. Use the technician guide.
  • Skills assessments: Instructors evaluate your skills in three hands-on assessments.
  • Checkup event: Demonstrate proper restraint use, installation, and caregiver education.

The focus is on developing skills to properly protect families on the road.