Administrative Division

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The Administrative Division consists of several units.


The Summerville Police Department Training Division instills excellence through continuous learning. Providing cutting-edge training beyond basic requirements empowers officers and staff with up-to-date skills and knowledge. Tailored programming focuses on career growth, department needs, and community protection. Their commitment to regular training and education makes the Summerville Police a more vital, more effective force.


The Summerville Police Records Division preserves institutional knowledge and provides accountability through meticulous record-keeping. They oversee the life cycle of all department documentation - from creation to storage to authorized access. Their diligent maintenance of paper and electronic records supports investigations and informed decisions. The Records Division ensures transparency while protecting sensitive information.



The Summerville Emergency Communications Center is the steady heartbeat of emergency response. With professionalism and compassion, dispatchers quickly assess situations to send appropriate aid. They act as the critical link between police, fire, EMS, and the public - coordinating responders to preserve life and property. Working around the clock, the Communications Center provides a calm, reliable presence in times of crisis. Their commitment and focus save lives daily.


Office of Professional Standards:

The Office of Professional Standards is to protect and serve the public, employees, and offenders. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for providing unbiased, uncompromising accountability and results that reflect the highest professional standard, which incorporates administrative and criminal investigative functions to provide oversight for the leadership and staff of the Summerville Police Department.


Public Safety Information Technology:

The Summerville Public Safety Information Technology Division is responsible for the technology needs of the police and fire departments. These employees are responsible for all radios, computers, mobile cameras, body-worn cameras, and network security in the vehicles and the buildings.


Fleet Maintenance

This unit installs and up-fits law enforcement equipment in our vehicles. The unit also conducts preventive maintenance as needed and is responsible for fleet inventory management.