Mission Statement

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Summerville Police SealMission Statement

As members of the Summerville Police Department, it is our mission to:

  1. Exhibit the highest standard of professional ethics, understanding that integrity and fair play are the foundation of public trust.
  2. With a strong commitment to duty, protect our community through the relentless pursuit and aggressive prosecution of the criminal element.
  3. Provide services as needed to preserve and enhance the quality of life and safety of the public.
  4. Strive toward excellence in the police profession, holding true to the ideal of "Service with Integrity."

Message From Chief Doug Wright

The men and women of the Summerville Police Department are committed to the reason and dedicated to the cause of providing the highest level of protection and service to our community. We continue to foster relationships with all of our public stakeholders to help build and maintain their trust each day. It is the top priority of our organization to treat the public with dignity and respect, all while aggressively pursuing the criminal element.

Our organization remains steadfast in maintaining the highest level of integrity and devotion to our profession while also building and fostering relationships through our community policing efforts.

-Douglas Wright, Chief of Police

Wright-Doug Chief Portrait

We Want Your Feedback

Are you unhappy about how an incident was handled? Would you like to commend an officer or an employee on how they handled a situation? Fill out a Citizen Comment, Complaint, or Commendation Form to let us know how you think we are doing. We need your feedback to continue to improve how we serve you.