Laurel Street Public Comment

The Town of Summerville is proposing traffic improvements along Laurel Street. With the recent improvements to Saul Alexander Park, Town staff was approached by Town Council requesting traffic calming solutions for Laurel Street. Staff has proposed a solution and has presented the solution to the Public Works Committee who recommended we seek public comments from affected citizens.

Laurel Street One Way Layout

PDF of map

The Town is proposing to convert Laurel Street to a one-way street in the westerly direction from Sumter Avenue to W. Carolina Avenue while adding on-street parking along Laurel Street. By narrowing the lane width and adding on-street parking, the proposed plan would lower vehicle speeds and provide additional parking spaces in the area. The proposed plan would also improve the intersection of Laurel Street and Sumter Street by better aligning the lanes and adding crosswalks for pedestrian safety.

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