The Engineering Department is responsible for engineering services for the Town of Summerville. The staff includes Professional Engineers, engineering technicians, and administrative support.

The department also provides administrative and engineering support for the Town's Public Works Department.

Plot Plans

Site plans for single-family residential building permits are generally known as plot plans. A Plot Plan Requirements Checklist has been created to assist applicants in preparing a plot plan.

Effective January 2022, sod is required for final grass stabilization over the disturbed portions of the lot before the home’s Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. This is to ensure permanent vegetation is established after the residential construction is completed to prevent sediment runoff from the site onto adjacent properties, roadways, storm drains, and surface waters.


Site & Subdivision Plan Review

Projects are reviewed to ensure compliance with all Town, State, and Federal regulations and to ensure that the best engineering practices for roads, drainage, stormwater design, construction, and management are followed. Plats are also reviewed and approved to comply with Town standards.  Plats should be submitted through the Town’s Citizenserve portal for review.  Engineering Staff are available to meet with property owners/developers and engineers during plan development.  Most projects and subdivision plats will also require review by the Town’s Technical Review Committee (TRC). Click here for more information on the TRC process.

Effective January 2022, sod is required for final grass stabilization over permanent stormwater ponds and drainage swales before the project can be closed out or placed under warranty. Dry ponds are to be sodded over all portions of the pond area including the maintenance shelf to the pond bottom. Wet ponds are to be sodded on the maintenance shelf and side slopes to the normal water surface elevation.  In subdivisions, all common areas not permanently stabilized by the end of the warranty period shall also be sodded.

Stormwater Permitting

The Engineering Department oversees the Town's Stormwater Management Program and is responsible for issuing and enforcing stormwater construction permits for all land-disturbance projects within the Town's MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) area.

Project Inspection

Engineering inspectors ensure that roads, drainage, earthwork, and stormwater construction projects are built according to approved plans and permits. They also oversee the construction of roadway and drainage facilities intended for maintenance by the Town upon completion.

Project Management

Engineering services are provided for small improvement projects as needed by the Town. Larger projects are contracted out to engineering consultants and contractors and are supervised by the department.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to other town departments, residents, and agencies regarding public works and other town facilities.