Building Permit Process- Residential


  1. Completed building permit application. The Town of Summerville Building Department utilizes a permitting and inspections service called CitizenServe. This easy to use online service can be utilized to schedule inspections as well as monitoring any construction project from application through building completion. The premium service is free to use for projects in the Town of Summerville.
  2. Plot plan showing all existing structures (buildings, porches, screen rooms, sheds, garages, decks, pools, carports, etc.) and paved areas (driveways, patios, etc.) plus the proposed structure. All structures on the plot plan (existing and proposed) must have measurements or be to scale. (Plot plan must be a recorded plat which, if available, can be obtained from your county’s register of deeds office.) Must specify on plot plan the measurements from all property lines to the proposed structure. Structures cannot be placed within any easement on the property (drainage, utility, etc.).
  3. Erosion Protection and Sediment Control (EPSC) Certification for individual lot development or EPSC Certificate of Compliance for lot development within a previously permitted subdivision.
  4. Construction Drawings
  5. Tree removal permit applications and tree survey to remove trees for construction. Approval to remove trees, if any, obtained through the Planning and Zoning department. Proper approval is required before any trees can be removed. Application to remove trees can be made to the Planning and Zoning department through CitizenServe.  
  6. Copy of the ACCA Manual J Calculations for HVAC system
  7. Prescriptive energy compliance or Rescheck reports for energy codes compliance.
  8. If there is an active Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or Architectural Review Board (ARB), a letter of approval from them is required to permit a project.
  9. If the existing or proposed building, addition or changes are in the Historic District, an approval must be granted from the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) prior to submittal of permit application.
  10. A signed and dated disclosure statement is required for owner(s) of property who will reside in the building or addition and act as the builder and supervise construction.
  11. A subcontractor list is required to be submitted to our office at temp power inspection. The power will not be called in for release to Dominion Energy unless all of the subcontractors have a current business license with the town and are properly licensed with the South Caroline State LLR licensing board(s). The subcontractor list must be approved before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
  12. Contract or scope of work document.

Mobile Home

  1. Completed building permit application. If a mobile home is not in a mobile home park, a plot plan showing all existing buildings plus the new building or addition.
  2. Tree removal permit application and tree survey to remove trees for construction.
  3. Moving permit must be obtained from the jurisdiction the mobile home is being moved from.
  4. Must have proof of Decal number.
  5. A flood elevation certificate is required for set-up of a mobile home on specific lots in Creekside Mobile Home Park.
  6. Contract or scope of work document.

Permit Packages

Permit packages should be submitted electronically through CitizenServe and should include:

  • Permit Application
  • Drawings
  • Rescheck (if applicable)
  • Manual J and D cals (if applicable)
  • Plot plan (if applicable)
  • HOA Approval letter (if applicable)
  • Signed contract